Post War Series

Postwar Queer Avant-Garde Film Series Fall 2007


All screenings are on Sunday at 7 p.m. at 212 York Street, Room 106, unless otherwise noted.

All screenings are free.

The Yale Research Initiative on the History of Sexualities is pleased to co-sponsor a fall film series curated by Ron Gregg in conjunction with his course, Postwar Queer Avant-Garde Film (AMST 352/FILM 377/WGSS 454), and to draw your attention to several other screenings this fall of related historical and contemporary films organized by Cinema at the Whitney, the Film Studies Program, Lesbian and Gay Studies, East Asian Studies, and the Program in Ethnicity, Race, and Migration. 

These screenings provide a rare opportunity to see many little-known postwar avant-garde films that are unavailable on DVD/VHS or rarely screened on film.  Each Sunday night screening will be introduced by Professor Gregg. 

The postwar queer underground that produced many of these films will be the subject of the YRIHS’s spring 2009 conference on Postwar Queer Underground Cinema, 1950-1968. Pre-registration required for this conference.

September 9 [different location: WLH 116]

Early Influences on the Postwar Queer Avant-Garde

Blood of a Poet (Jean Cocteau, 1930, 50 minutes): DVD

Lot in Sodom (Webber and Watson, 1933, 27 min.): DVD

Rose Hobart (Joseph Cornell, 1936): DVD

September 16

World War II and Renewed Experimentation

Meshes of the Afternoon (Maya Deren, 1943, 14 min.): DVD

At Land (Maya Deren, 1944, 15 min.): 16mm

Fireworks (Kenneth Anger, 1947, 15 min.): DVD

Fragment of Seeking (Curtis Harrington, 1946, 14 min.): 16mm

The Potted Psalm (James Broughton/Sidney Peterson, 1947, 19 min.): DVD

Friday-Saturday, September 21-22 [Location and times to be announced]

Visiting film/videomaker Takahiko Iimura

Sponsored by the Council on East Asian Studies.

September 23

“Conspiracy of Homosexuality”: Freud, Myth, Subjectivity

Christmas U.S.A. (Gregory Markopoulos, 1949, 13 min.): DVD

Geography of the Body (Willard Maas/Marie Menken, 1943, 7 min.): DVD

Image in the Snow (Willard Maas, 1947, 29 min.): 16mm

Narcissus (Willard Maas, 1956, 59 min.): 16mm

September 30

Surface and Brilliance: Queering Sight

Puce Moment (Kenneth Anger, 1949, 6 min.): DVD

Eaux d’artifice (Kenneth Anger, 1953, 12 min.): DVD

Arabesque for Kenneth Anger (Marie Menken, 4 min.): 16mm

Bagatelle for Willard Maas (Marie Menken, 5 min.): 16mm

Dwightiana (Marie Menken, 4 min.): 16mm

Chumlum (Ron Rice, 1964, 26 min.): 16mm

Wednesday, October 3, 7 p.m., Whitney Humanities Center Auditorium

Visiting Filmmaker Ela Troyano: Screening of La Lupe: Queen of Latin Soul with post-screening discussion

Sponsored by the Program in Ethnicity, Race, and Migration and the Film Studies Program. 

October 7

Pre-Underground Eroticism

Un chant d’amour (Jean Genet, 1950, 25 min.): DVD

The Pleasure Garden (James Broughton, 1953, 38 min.): DVD

Mechanics of Love (Willard Maas, 1955, 7 min.): DVD

Flesh of Morning (Stan Brakhage, 1956, 21 min.): 16mm

Wedlock House (Stan Brakhage, 1959, 11 min.): DVD

Dionysius (Charles Boultenhouse, 1963, 23 min.): 16mm

October 14

“Baudelairean Cinema,” Camp, and Queer Performance

Little Stabs of Happiness (Ken Jacobs, 1963, 15 min.): 16mm

Blonde Cobra (Ken Jacobs, 1963, 33min.): 16mm,

Flaming Creatures (Jack Smith, 1963, 45 min.): 16mm

October 21 [different location: WLH 116]

Queer Abjection and Censorship

Portrait of Jason (Shirley Clarke, 1967, 105 min.): DVD

Friday, October 26, Cinema at the Whitney

Films by Kenneth Anger

Inauguration of the Pleasure Dome (Anger, 1954)

Scorpio Rising (Anger, 1962)

Invocation of My Demon Brother (Anger, 1969)

Lucifer Rising (Anger, 1970)

October 28

Visiting Filmmaker José Rodriguez-Soltero

Scorpio Rising (Kenneth Anger, 1962): 16mm

Jerovi (Jose Rodriguez-Soltero, 1965, 12 min.): 16mm

Lupe (Jose Rodriguez-Soltero, 1966, 50 min.): 16mm

November 4

Andy Warhol, Ronald Tavel, and “Theatre of the Ridiculous”

Kiss (Warhol, 1963): DVD

Blow Job (Warhol, 1963): 16mm

Screen Test #2 (Warhol, 1965, 70 min.): 16mm

Monday, November 5, 7 p.m., 212 York Street

Pre-release Special Screening: A Walk into the Seaa documentary on Andy Warhol’s lover, the filmmaker Danny Williams, and the Factory years.  Introduced by director Esther Robinson with Q&A following the screening.

Sponsored by the Film Studies Program and Lesbian and Gay Studies. 

November 11

Ken Jacobs: Politics, Aesthetics, Jack Smith

Visiting Filmmaker Ken Jacobs: Screening of Past and Present Work at the Whitney Humanities Center auditorium

Featuring his films Baud’larian CapersWhirled, and Star Spangled to Death and recent work. 

Sponsored by the Film Studies Program, Theater Studies, and the Department of Art History.

November 25

Queer Erotic Pleasure

Christmas on Earth (Barbara Rubin, 1963, 23 min.): 16mm, double screen projection

Couch (Warhol, 1964, 40 min.): 16mm

Face (Takahiko Iimura, 1969, 21 min.): 16mm

December 2 [different location: Whitney Humanities Center Auditorium]

Rare Screening of Gregory Markopoulos’ The Illiac Passion

The Illiac Passion (Markopoulos, 1967, 92 min.): 16mm