2018-2019 Events

2018-2019 YRIHS

October 11, 5 pm

Cheryl Hicks, University of North Carolina, Charlotte

“Rethinking Interracial Sex and Black Female Subjectivity in Turn-of-the-20th-Century New York City”

December 5, 5 pm

Julian Gill-Peterson, University of Pittsburgh

“Trans Childhood before Transsexuality, or Medicine’s Case Against the Medical Model”

 January 29, 5:30 pm

Margot Canaday—Princeton University

“Pink Precariat:  LGBT Workers in the Shadow of Civil Rights”

 March 28, 5 pm

Symposium:  Social Welfare, State Regulation, and Intimate Lives

Julilly Kohler-Hausman, Cornell University

Alison Lefkovitz, New Jersey Institute of Technology

Jennifer Mittelstadt, Rutgers University